ProgramAB , AIML and MRL Support for OOB tags.

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AIML supports OOB tags in the response from ProgramAB.

There is not a strict definition of what OOB tags are.  For more info take a look at

OOB tags are usually something like   <search>foo</search>

I'm adding support in ProgramAB to support an OOB tag of  <mrl>...</mrl> 

The XML syntax for this is 

Possible Parallax Platform for InMoov

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Took Eddie out for a tele-operated spin now that keyboard control of the platform worked.  But what are you going to do when you get low on power?  Just attach to the DISCO Charging station - "stayin alive .. stayin alive .. woooo hooo hooo stayin aliiiiive .."



quick start ubuntu

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Hello everyone I would like to know how i can install myrobotlab on ubuntu

Second MRL tutorial - tracking service with wiring diagram


A tutorial that explain how to use tracking service in MRL...

Python Minimal script


Speech Service


The speech service is used for to generate speech from textual input.
The service has a "front end" and a "back end".  

The front end determines if the speech is to be processed sequentially or in parallel. Typically, if you don't want it to sound like crazy voices in your head, you'll want speech to be processed sequentially (this is the default behavior.

Python file object

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Here's some examples of reading and writing files in python,  Thought it might be useful for some.

Keyboard Service


The Keyboard Service allows keyboard input to be sent to other services.  At the moment the keyboard events are retrieved from a gui element, so the keyboard control must have focus.

This small program shows how to get keyboard input into a Python service.