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I am needing help understanding the HTTP API. I am trying to develop Bash scripts to control MRL in order to help with remote debugging and system management, but I am running into problems regarding the API. Using this command:

curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d "{\"service\":$1,\"method\":$2,\"data\":\"$3\"}" http://localhost:$MRL_PORT/api/messages

MRL simply holds the connection but does not execute anything. I tried using the example JSON with this command:

Help ! strange things again about servo moves

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Before to call an exorcist I will ask you :

I have sometime problems about no worky commands ( rest() moveTo() or autodetach if velocity =-1 )
Problems ocure often at startup.

This is the smallest thing I can use to isolate. When I launch rest() , slider in swing go to the asked position, but no action on servo or virtual servo. ( like the servo is disabled, but servo is electrised)
and if I move the slider a little degree, servo go to good position.

Serial com

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This is my test to check if serial communication work:

I use 3 arduinos nano with MrlComm inside. I connect each of them on serial1, serial2 and serial3 on the mega left or right. I Connect one servo on all nano.

With MyRobotLab, I move 3 servo.

With MrlComm 55, After few minutes, MrlComm 55 break the communication, doesn't work.

With MrlComm 41, i have no problem, the test work all the time. This is called reliability.

So, moz4r, do this test and give your result !!


MRL Next Release - Manticore !

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(Image from talented artist  kikicianjur-d384nro @ deviant Art ! )


So we all are on the same page, we are headed for release.  This is the "short list" of worky one-click requirements.

Inmoov BOM update / new skeleton parts

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pushed 2 new things inside Inmoov service :
- rollneck servo Inside head ( usefull to use rollneck+neck+rothead into ik+tracking+vinmoov later )
- Eyelids separated & optional skeleton part
I need some confirmation about default pin to use
- hacked rollneck : pin 30 - left
- eyelidsLeft( or both eyes default ) pin 29 - right
- eyelidsRight pin 30 - right
Added an option to change hardcoded pins :
ex : i01.startHead(port,12,13,22,24,26,30)

Where we are headed ...

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Two interesting talks ....



Bing speech recognition

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What do you think for Microsoft Bing speech recognition ? It is similar about google api but:

Google: 50 requests by day and now micro of kinect not supported

Microsoft: 5000 requests by month and i think kinect is OK

May be i can try to make a new service ?


Interface Agreement

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I'd like to get some input on this interface and a little feedback on how to make it stronger or more clear.
Kwatters said the pinEnable(String pin) method in Arduino is confusing. 

Package and update mrl , 100% automated

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Hi !! looking for a clean solution to do it.

I want to automate mrl update and installation, end user side ( dev or master branch )

This is what I do today as a poc, fully automated  :

- detect if remote revision number has changed

- Ask user to update

- close mrl , replace jar + script ( soon it will be only jar )

Text to speech

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Can I use the Ryan.exe from Acapella with "Myrobotlab"?

I purchases the Ryan voice for $35. Is there a way to import a text to speech voice into MRL?

I also bought the "textaloud" program.