GY80 Service


Great display with Processing




Wow, this thing comes with a lot of sensors !

My Face Is Melting

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Here is a little psychedelic camera demo I built, it has nothing to do with Myrobotlab, but it's still fun.

My RepStrap 3D Printer...

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After tweaking with the settings I managed to learn basics of 3d printing... Tidying up the cableware made my printer look more like one...Time for more sophisticated prints... Like Milo Venus sculpture... 

Borg Inventory

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Chatting with GroG today it occurred to me that the MRL collective should inventory their various bots and parts so that we can all search for someone that can tell us about their experience with something they have just in case we get or want to get one of our own.  So I'll kick things off with an off the top of my head list and I encourage others to do the same.

Script of "Simon Says" for Kirk

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Hey WK - try adding this snippet just before startListening or after the last ear.addCommand.
Didn't test it - send no-worky if it no-worky..  also I don't know if its re-entrant.. meaning it should work "once" it might work "more than once"

How to connect kinect to MRL?

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Hi there guys, im fairly new to MRL, and cant find how to connect my kinect to MRL and get things moving.

I know its very early, but i could not find anything about how to.

Could you show me the right direction? And i must say, im new to programming, but am learning a lot, got my inmoov robot to work with the right side, and the head and neck, but want to put tracking in and the kinect.

Dont know if this is the right place, but thanks in advance.


Gr. Wilco van Toorn

InMoov 2.0 customization -> XMLs

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Now you can customize your inmoov, saving all inmoov preferences in xml files!!!!  An xml file will be created for each running Service.

Just type -> and all your preferences will be saved in the .myrobotlab folder

At every script you run, you can load them all with i01.load()

InMoov: Trying to get speech recognition to work

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The servo's (left hand) are working mnualy, but not on speechrecognition.

I use an Arduino Uno and the

Here are some screenshots


Befor executing