Rolling your own Solenoid effectors.......

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Just a quick walkthrough on producing homebrew electromagnetic Solenoid effectors......

Wheeled platform for general purpose, in my case telepresence

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UPDATE 01.23.2015

UPDATE 11.19.2014

A dear friend of mine sent me these 12 DC motors as a gift :)

The motors are 12-24V with (6-12 rpm LOT OF TORQUE !)

A wheel with a diameter of 120 mm  would give a speed of 3.5 cm/s

Leap Motion 2 : getting fingers angle

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NimbRo-OP Humanoid Platform

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Don't know, if you already know about this OpenSource humanoid robot:

Seems it was on the kicker competition RoboCup.

Interesting for you would be the license of the Software

and Hardware

new guy

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any help for a newbie

i can get the servo control to work but hit a brick wall when i try to attach to Python....says it doesnt recognize attacharduino...thanks in advance

Having problems with my 3d printer build

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I just built a reprap i3 3d printer.

1. My print head(MK8) temp is 499c stopping all movement but home.

2. My z axis when I tell it to move 200mm it only move 29mm.

3. My printbed reads 0c but that may be do to the printhead stopping the startup checks.

any help would be greatly welcome.  I have been stuck for 5 days looking on the internet for some answer.  I order new nozzle with thermistor with it because I am getting no uhm reading off the head.  I put a light resistor on the board and got it to read so I could move all axisses.