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Cyberhedz - shouted this is the shoutbox - I think they have a good idea in creating "more than a tool" - Some of their use cases were well done, and even I could see it could be useful.

Holy shit 7 million views and just published in July



My DIY Oculus Rift

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This is a 4.2" LCD screen with Composite Video Out - > 12 V

Hooked to the screen there is a Sport Camera (the same i use for my quadcopter)

The goal is to hook up the Mpu6050 to have ACC/GYRO feedback for MRL so that i can move InMoov Head like Kwatters did with his Oculus Rift.

1.0.56 Gremlins carried over from 1.0.62

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 Ok hating life don't know what I've done but now I can't even get 1.0.56 to work correctly. BUMMER!!!!!

<iframe width="640" height="480" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/84mP3kWSPA4" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Arduino Service


MRLComm.ino  RAW

The Arduino service is used to communicate and control the very popular Arduino micro-controller. MyRobotLab runs on a computer and controls the Arduin hardware through a serial port.

How can InMoov utilize "Deep Learning"

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I would like my inmoov to never have to be touched by a human. I am trying to come up with a way to incorporate the body language we all put out to be interpolated  and respond to via actuation. So if i walk in the room with my head down and my voice is slower or sad, he would ask "what's wrong"? he should also be able to build on these experiences and log them for future development. basically he would need to write his own code. 

arduino service down?

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Hello, I went to install the arduino service on myrobotlab instance running on my BBB and there was an error downloading it. I confirmed the same problem on my mac. Is the repo broken?

Andromus InMoov Script

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i01 = Runtime.createAndStart("i01","InMoov")

Shoutbox now supports multiple xmpp clients

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Wanted to update all you MRL'ians to a few changes on the site...

First is the shoutbox was replaced by a running instance of MyRobotLab - WOOHOO!