Andrew service has been removed . And i have missing tabs in swing gui .

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Hi everybody,
I didn't update my eclipse since few month. I did it today and the service for my robot don't work anymore.
i found why, the files have been removed april the 7th (commit "misc updates 11bce31) . Is it possible to get the files back please ? 
The swing Gui problem :

Using Discord and ProgramAB in MRL to create your own Discord Bot

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A while back we added the DiscordBot service to MyRobotLab.  The Discord Bot service acts as a gateway.  

The DiscordBot service implements 2 interfaces in MyRobotLab, the first is UtterancePublisher and the UtteranceListener.  

The idea is that DiscordBot connects to a discord server using the Discord java API.  The DiscordBot logs into the server using a security token that is associated with a discord bot user. 

understanding slider bars for servos

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I'm using Inmoov2 version 1.1.701 to test my hand servos.There is a GREEN bar and a BLUE bar that adjusts the 'input' and 'output lock (?)'.  I understand the orange 'rest' bars purpose but I don't understand the relationship between the input and output setpoints. Will you describe how to use these setpoints as a unit --- perhaps a finger example?

Help with OpenCV

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I have tried to get OpenCV working on MRL (ver 1.1.823) with a Mac without success, is there a set of instructions or tutorial that I could review - I am new to this and would appreciate some help. Thanks.

This is now sorted - moved to Nixie build.


Inverse kinematics and Inmoov Virtual

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Hello everyone
I want to run inverse kinematics service with Inmoov Virtual
So i try to use the service in this repo
But some service work and other not
And keep tell me "" Module not found "
I'm using Ubuntu 20.04 & python 3.8 and
I install python 2.7
But inverse kinematics service not working
Is anyone have a solution???
Thank you

browser site can't be reached

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After install WebGUI fails to load correctly

I tried a restart of windows ........ no changes

I'm trying to use Windows Remote Connection but the same problem occurs using a direct connection.


win10-Pro / java version "17.0.1"  / myroborlab 1.1.820

Chrome tries to go to http://localhost:8888/#/tabs

reports -- 

briefly says sent no data then switches to

ImageDisplay Service


ImageDisplay is usefull to open local or remote pictures, and render result to screen...

Fun example, create an ImageDisplay service and one of the Search services - attach them and ask for a picture of something. It should appear (fullscreen if you want).

You can move the image around with by holding down the left mouse button, and close it using the right mouse button.

Example for develop:


Voice of Robot not exactly match mouth

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Hi Guys

I strugle a bit and do not know how to sort this. The robot begin to talk nice . Afther 2 or three words , robot finish it sentence but mouth stops talking. Why. i dont know how to fix this

I  use Nixie





Setting up the Raspberry Pi. Update for Buster and Bullseye

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We will need a MicroSD card to hold the Operating System. (OS) I suggest a 32GB class 3, but a class 1 will work.
The last version released was Buster, the most recent is Bullseye in both 32 bit and 64 bit.
In any case you will need to use a flash program to copy it to the MicroSD card.
You can use the Raspberry Pi Imager or another imager, 
I used BalenaEtcher
Using either program flash your chosen OS to the MicroSD Card.

4xADS1115's (giving 16 Analog to Digital channels)

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Here are some details of how I cobbled up a 16 channel ADC rig for use with MRL's Ads1115 service

As you can see above the i2c SDA/SLA lines require 10k resistors as pull up loads.

The trick to keeping it compact is to the stack and common through the GND,SDA,SCL,VCC pins (see below)