Silicone RTV155 Finger for use in robots

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I have made masks so i tri finger and put string in to see if it work and it do.


My Inmoov Family

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Using websockets for Chess Project

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Hey, I've been working with mehtaatur on the chess project and he's finally got me to sign up.

First of, a big shout out to you guys. Any time I've been stuck and mention it to him, a reply to his posts come practically instantly.

Just to clear out a few doubts I've got. What you've been speaking about using the MRL WebUI to interact with the board using web sockets is using the xmpp service you've got?

InMoovGestureCreator Service


It should now be easier to make new gestures and show them in videos, or am I wrong at this point?

Keep the power cord handy, altough normally with good min max settings shouldn't get something wrong, but I don't want to be responsible for broken servos! ; )


By the way: I love critics, improvements and notes!



Inmoov Gesture Creator & a short introduction of myself

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A programm for an easier creation of Inmoov-Gestures! - UPDATED 30.08.2014

Cause this is the first post I am writing here, altough I am a member here for nearly 5 months and visit the site for 3/4 - 1 year, I want to use this to short introduce myself.

Logical......Inmoov Vulcan Ears

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Thought I would bring this to your attention ... found on Thingiverse.

Inmoov Vulcan Ears

Data Flow with RasPi and Websockets

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From what I have understood after disscusing the working of MRL with you, is this data flow for online gameplay (ie: board user vs user on website GUI) correct?


New Diagram