Tiny client worky Mrl and PIC microcontroller

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I created a client for PIC16f877 microcontroller.It is equivalent to version 20 of MRLcomm.ino.  With this client can connect to the MRL and write / read ports .. Ports A and E selected as inputs. Ports B, C and D outputs. It can improve but for now my serves me. PIN C6 is TX and C7 is RX. For conect MAX232 or any chip.             

                MRL-digitalwrite  ||                       MRL-digitalRead      

3D printed hand without motors

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On the Hannover Fair was presented a 3D printed hand without motors.

Here the german article to it:

Kinect Depth Map rendering in Blender

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Well, as we open the gateways to blender from MRL, it seemed like a pretty obvious leap to start trying to render point cloud data from the kinect via OpenNI in blender.  I had the kinect write out to a text file all the x,y,z points.  In a small python script in blender, I loaded that text file and rendered small circles for each point.  

Release 108 - Review

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Virtual Arduino - (virtual.logic tab is simply a Python service running emulation logic) - Aren't virtual pins cool !  We have analog & digitial now

We now have the tab with the correct version of MRLComm for that release - a good thing

InMoov's sampling Bulgarian Schnaps

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Here is the first sensor I have stuck behind InMoovs Nose. It detects Ethanol/Alcohol levels using an MQ3 sensor.



MRL on PI 2

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Hello Guys, It has been a while. I hope everyone is doing good.

I have a PI 2 and I am trying to load MRL on it. I am getting a lot of errors so I send you a no-worky.

I only downloaded the JAR file.




On the way of making my inmoov totally worky on my new Mac

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Kinect, leap motion and opencv working at the same time :)


-Leap Motion

-Voice recognition