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hi guys 

my hand has problem with 2 fingers and when i use open hand they look like that, i changed it to (20,20,20,75,75)

is there another way that i can solve it???????

Update to the Speech service

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The current version of the Speech service works very well in Engish. But if you try to use it in any other langage than English, it doesen't really work. I identified 3 different issues.


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As the webgui begins to become functional I made a short list of items to coordinate on - so that if someone is excited by a part and begins to develop it, someone else won't duplicate the effort .. There are PLENTY of parts to work, experiment on - so have fun!

Wheeled platform for general purpose, in my case telepresence

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BIG UPDATE 06.28.2015

Changed wheels, motors and concept :) for a bigger load :)

stronger, better, faster

UPDATE 01.23.2015

UPDATE 11.19.2014

Gear Motor and the Elbow.. Work In Progress

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Ok, so Update:  I've been printing these gears for about a week now, and I finally have a 6 degree of freedom robot arm that uses these gears with some pvc pipe couplings between them.  They're designed to work with 2" standard pvc pipe that you can pick up at your local hardware/plumbing store.

This assembly is really just intended to show how these could be cascaded together to acheive a high degree of flexibility.  

ProgramAB , AIML and MRL Support for OOB tags.

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This page is Work in Progress


AIML supports OOB tags in the response from ProgramAB.

There is not a strict definition of what OOB tags are.  For more info take a look at

OOB tags are usually something like   <search>foo</search>

Problem with the Audiocapture service

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I tested the AudioCapture Service. The first time I made a recording it worked fine, but the second time it failed. I found that the microphone was not released when stopping the recording, so the second attempt failed to connect to the microphone.

So I downloaded the source for MRL and found the problem in



just before the line


solves the problem :-)
Best regards



WebGUI Service



Rough Flow 


Cofiguration Files

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I have spent some days figuring out how mrl works an so I now have some questions.

I've got servos and ProgramAB and OpenCV working and it is possible to connect some things to each other.
But I'm missing some INI-files to configure the services.

i.e. It is possible to implement a face-recognition in openCV. For that, you have to save pictures of faces in an directory. But where must I define the path? Where is the best place to store this?

inmoov hand

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hello everyone

I have another problem with Serov :(

I tried the single hand test with one servo connect to index (pin3)

but the servo is not moving by voice command.

i can move it manual but not with command.

it seems servo is connected and no problem for power.