MRL + Kinect + InMoov - the quest for accuracy

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Wayne and I are trying to get the math & joints working correctly and accurately.

To that end we are starting a diagnostic script which we will develop to analyze math and verify angles and measurements.

Link to script :

Input from anyone is welcome !  Remember Math can be FUN !!!

Snippet of Kinect Math

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public float angleOf(PVector one, PVector two, PVector axis) {
		PVector limb = PVector.sub(two, one);

Searching for the RasPi + JInput Spell

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Now what was it?  "Avada Kedavra" .. something ? 

Well JInput downloaded and tested with these handy step by step guide creates an EVIL ELF !!!

java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: /home/pi/jinput/dist/ /home/pi/jinput/dist/ wrong ELF class: ELFCLASS64 (Pos

That's not what we want...  But it's open source Yay !

We'll need to Use the Source, Luke

A Call To Arms

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Well the last of Robs digits are coming off the printer. Not long now before we see the real show.

Can hardly wait to start trying some of the latest developments in MRL. Thanks to all the power players that make this all possible.


Setting up your InMoov to defaults

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Setting "omoplate" servo and potentiometer to default "Rest" position 10 on a range from 0 to 180

To reach this value you may have to rotate slightly your potentiometer in it's bracket.

When omoplate is at default 10 position there is no gap between these two parts

See video for the omoplate movement:

Second Kinect Test

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InMoov controlled with it's Kinect. This is the second test with 3 servos powered in each arm. The skeleton on the kinect is very jumpy when my arms are pointing to the robot, which acts on the servos, making the robot shake a bit eraticaly.


Rob Rocking His new Arm.

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Rob is so happy to have 1 new arm he cant contain himself. Working on getting the other side ready to go then it's game on.


Issues with Arduino service on Raspberry Pi

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I've started the Arduino service, because I want to control some servo motors and get some sensors inputs, but I can't connect MRL and Arduino together, because it's not finding the serial port. So, what to do?

Note 1: I'm able to upload sketches to Arduino board with the IDE of Arduino.

Note 2: During the process of installation of each new service (for example: Arduino, Joystick) occurred an error, but in the end shows the message that the service is installed.