Services - Remix

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Some services in MyRobotLab are composites of other services.  This allows for more structure, complexity and higher functionality.  Tracking, InMoov, Plantoid are a few examples of services which contain other services.

About the tracking service ...

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The tracking service create his own  arduino. Is it possible to share the already running arduino's service with the tracking service ?

I've saw the function " suggestPeerAs " or someting like that in the sources of Inmoov . Is it that ?

An other thing, i've two webcams, they have their own "pan", but share the same "tilt" ( the neck ) . Can i make something to share the neck between two tracking services ? By exemple  newPosition=leftAngle+rightAngle/2 ...

Export mrl.JAR from Eclipse ...

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Hi !

I've a little problem ; If i run MRL from Eclipse with F11, no problem . But if i export it to a .JAR and run it, the arduino's service can't found any COM port .

How can i fix that ?



nao geant

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i find this picture could you imagine the nao robot so big like human?

Voice recognition

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I was wondering if he was possible to listen to something else time commands in sphinx because I cannot find anything in the documentation. Would like to listen to anything so like so I can analyse that.

And GoogleSTT Does not seem to work. When I open the service there is nothing happening.



Morse - Worky ! (but snail-like)

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Got "cat and mouse" tutorial to start on Morse.


  • OpenSource 
  • Pretty much written all in Python
  • Well organized and active project
  • Tight Blender integration
  • Supports other Middlewares YARP, MOOS, ROS(who?)
  • Many devices and sensors already supported
  • Large following? (I think)


Eye Glasses for the Kinect

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I got a Nyko ZOOM for the Kinect in the mail today from Amazon for $6.99.  These are my results so far.
It advertises as 40% less distance the kinect should still work.  Here are 2 images :

Robyn is singing again!

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Time markers were made by running the "I'm a Little Teapot" mp3 first with the script below.  Then gestures and mouth could be synchronized.