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NeoPixel matrix

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I think perhaps the individual pixels for the UI might be a bit too clunky ...
but its nice to know the update to MrlComm can handle 8x32 matrix.
Needs to have a scroll text function ... hmmm


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@Gael, I think something like this would be good - I'm close to finishing it out, but I want merged in first, because it makes getting the valid list of future and existing speech services and servos much more clean.

Changes in the UI can/will be saved out through config, and loaded if desired.

How to Release a Service

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How to release a single service. At the moment the webgui can leave the icon in the services tab column until its clicked on, but the service is released.

Release button under drop down menu.


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Showing a RasPi and Sabertooth motor control and the new config system.
After all the parameters where tweaked in the gui, they all were saved.
Later, just load it back and your ready to drive ....

Basic Ironman using new NeoPixel2

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Hmm probably should put sparkles in it.  Anyway this is the new NeoPixel2 interface so far.

Each pixel comes with its own color chooser, then there is a fill and select color chooser, and an controller, pin, pixel count and animation drop down.