"D" -Pad Workio just like Magic (Will Merlin stay or Go)

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The "D"  pad (aka directional pad NSEW ) is now operational.

Here it is being tested in the Blender Game engine, practising my turbo jumping.

PS4 Single Handed Joystick Digitals 4,5,6,7,10 - Analog's Lx,Ly,Rx,Ry Workio

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Mounted the DIgital Switches permanently with epoxy resin so no turing back now.

The Top Joystick is also operational, the blue carriage can be rotated so the user can adjust for optimal comfort.

ToDo List :-

(1) Top "D-Pad"  (awaiting tactile switches)

(2) Four Game buttons (aka Square/Circle/Triangle/Cross using conductive switches)

Alert missing j. m. 3. folder

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Hi Guys !! 

I have just started with Inmoov. I am facing issue while installing MRL in Linux. While initializing all components for first time Bot says "Alert ! Virtual inmoov cannot start, missing j. m. 3. folder or , you do not have a java 64 bit version." . I checked my java version which is provided below.

java version "1.8.0_181"

Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_181-b13)


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Question.  Whats the best way to isolate and work on any error that visually gets indicated by red on the neopixel and vocally conveyed by INmoov ?  Is there a better way than trying to comb through the main log file ?  plus hard to decifer it. Hopefully its something I can get familar with.  

Menu Workio ! (re-edit :-p )

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Custom Joystick for people who have use of only one hand.

edit :- (Gareth :-)

This is the first integrated working part of the controller aka "The Menu System" that enables the basic housekeeping of the Playstation 4.

MRL is helping a great deal for debugging using the Joystick service.

Updates - Log Service Sparkles

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After several coding jams the Log service is starting to have sparkles.  I wanted to make it "better" than eclipse's console to quickly see status and diagnose issues.  Having a good logging system is the cornerstone of workyness :)


Blink Speed

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Hello, Does anyone know how to control the blink speed when the Inmovv robot is sitting still. It looks like the robot is passed random eye blinks but I notice there is random veocity numbers. I would like to hold it at max speed "-1". Is there a defualt I can modify or a script ?  Can someone help point me to the correct file ?  thanks ;)

OpenCV Resolution

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Is there a way to increase the default resolution the face detection is using ? I always seem to get a small default and cant find the location to make it higher.  thanks

LeapMotionFrame "is_valid" attribute not found.

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Hello, I am attempting to determine whether a leap Frame is valid or not so that I am not continuously sending 0 to all the joints if the user's hand is out of view of the controller. I have added a method isFrameValid into LeapMotion.java. This is on the master branch by the way. Here is the Leap Documentation on the subject https://developer-archive.leapmotion.com/documentation/v2/python/api/Leap.Frame.html