Old and New side by side

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Here is some general crazyness ... 

This is using 2 completely different GUI systems at the same time.   Since MRL IS NOT THE GUI !  It works quite well :)

2 MRL Instances on 2 different machines have combined and give access to all of the services running on both machines.  2 Views of distributed computing !

The layout is as follows:

Laptop - running runtime (borg)

TesseractOCR Service


TesseractOCR will use optical character recognition on an image to read English words.

Currently limited to Linux 32/64 bit, and Windows 32 bit. It is possible to run on Windows 64 bit by download ing the Java 32 bit JRE, and then starting MRL in 32 bit Java.

There is currently one method to use,
public String OCR(SerializableImage image)
pass TesseractOCR an image, and it returns a String of text.

This example reads the upper left corner of the screen:
AWTRobot awt = (AWTRobot) Runtime.createAndStart("awt", "AWTRobot");
awt.setBounds(0, 0, 100, 100); 
TesseractOCR tess = (TesseractOCR) Runtime.createAndStart("tess",
tess.subscribe("publishDisplay", awt.getName(), "OCR");



Problems getting MRL Arduino to see my Arduino on OS X [SOLVED!]

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Last night I tried to get MRL to connect to my Arduino so I could play with the InMoov starter finger kit and I've run into a few problems.  First is when I click on the Tools menu and then Boards, the sub menu where I'd select Uno never shows up.  When I mouse down to Serial Device I do get a sub menu but MRL (or the embedded Arduino IDE) never finds my Uno.  I am able to see the Uno on /dev/tty.usbmodem641 using a standalone Arduino IDE installation and I was able to install the MRLComm.ino to the Uno through the external IDE.  When I follow the tutorial for th

Shape of things to come ....

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Simplicity Is Beauty

And the following I think is very simple


Unfortunately - this breaks down when there is a "/" in the parameter :(
An example of this would be 


instead of this being equivalent to 


it becomes

MRL WEB GUI :D My computer speaks using my phone remotely :D

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:D funny test :D don't pay attention to my english :D

TopCodes test

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UPDATE 06/28/2013

Test with "real codes" printed...supa worky :D

Here is a pic....

Update - Test with 4 simbols :D


We are One !

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This is our two instances joined together.  One is mine which has grey tabs - gui, runtime.  And the other tabs are from your system. python, raspi, remote.  I can now start any service on your system from my system - including executing scripts.  The "bad news" is OpenCV is not behaving nice (as usual) .. so no video at the moment ..

A Rare Sight Indeed !

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Thanks Gael !

I'm getting all emotional ... because, how often does this happen ?   :D D D

MRL's Dynamically Generated WSDL

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A WSDL is a interface defintion.  It's like a contract, that is written in XML.  What is good for? I'm glad you asked :)