Swarm Brain #1

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Swarm Brain #1

There it is..  a BBB + BT.  Reprogrammed it to talk at 57600 baud.  I can connect to it from my Computer or Phone.   
Good little swarm brain.  Now, got to make a few more... ;)

SLAM thoughts

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MyRobotLab - Magabot

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I have been in contact with several members from Magabot.  I will be creating a Magabot service and some example Python scripts for some fun capability testing.

Chumby Reloaded

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with the latest binaries and a a simple :

 chumby:/mnt/usb-E0FD-1813/myrobotlab-0014# /mnt/usb/java/ejre1.6.0_25/bin/java - classpath ":myrobotlab.jar:./lib/*" -Djava.library.path=./bin org.myrobotlab.ser vice.Invoker -service Jython jython RemoteAdapter remote -logToConsole -logLevel  DEBUG

I started a Jython & RemoteAdapter service without a gui on the Chumby in debug mode with logging to the console.
Without a GUI you say ?!?   Yes..  Because we'll use a MRL instance on the windows box and connect.

Python in MyRobotLab

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There is now a Python IDE in MyRobotLab !

OSC + MRL + Chess

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So my idea is to be able to input my move in 1 player chess mode of my chess robot via my iPad. This will be done using the Touch OSC app

I have made an app using their program. It is basically a chess board layout of buttons.