Weird, and weirder.

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When I'm trying to execute myrobotlab.jar and connect my Arduino Mega after accessing the Arduino services in the runtime inside mrl (COM4), it exit automatically, I mean, I can't even connect to the Arduino ! Is my way wrong or...?

Weird rest position and Bad Magic Number?

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Hey. I wonder why the rest position differ from what I had set in the skeleton_head.config. And it always show the bad magic number after a few second the head activated (I'm developing the upper part only, which only 1 Arduino is used, and I haven't attach external power to the Arduino/Nervo Board yet). The robot seems like lost all the connection after this issue comes out...Need help !

Problem with Leap Windows 7

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Hello,  I am trying to get the leap interface running.  Hardware and base software runs but when I run the python script from the inmoov website, I get one fingers pulsing back and forth.  Any ideas ? attaching log file.


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So whats the best way for the Robot to learn iitems via chatbot ?  I notice you can edit some configs to add keywords etc but it seems like I am missing some type of conversations with the chatbox to go through the base questions and it will append the data ?    also is there a way for me to disable the web searching if chatbox doesnt have an answer ? 

MRL Defaults not loading

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So slowly making prgres but having a tuff time of it. I got another PC configured and definetly getting better results but still have weird things happening.  I tried configured base settings for my servos. IN /OUTS, Velocity etc but thy dont seem to load. Can someone maybe have a look at my log and see whats up. I cant really tell why they arent loading. also I am trying to make a script to open / close the hand with the full velocity but that aint happening either.

"1984 Nixie Time"

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Needed an additional clock for my 2nd fallout shelter, electronics are now operational.

Current Iteration :-

[1] ESP32

[2] Batch of New Old Stock Cold War Nixies.

Hand Script Problem

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So I final got one hand hooked up to servo and I can turn on a sweep on each fingure. I am trying to create a script to cycle each finger from 0-180 in the full velocity specified but no matter what command I run in python I get noo response. Does anyone have a sample I can try ? I am on a Mac and I am not starting up Inmoov via the sh script. So I am not sure if I have bad scripting or an underlying problem that isnt executing my commands.  thanks  attaching myy latest log

vinMoov first step

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not bad... learning fast 



positionning all done by the ik engine. I only gives command to moveTo legs and swich the feet put is weight on

MRL Sweep button

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Hello, I am trying to utilize the Sweep setting in the Extra tab on each finger and noticed its very slow. 

Any way of increasing this ? It doesnt seem to respond to the velocity setup. Also can some one point me to the direction to explain the power settings further in the tab ?  thanks