FPGA's What are they and should I use one in my robot?

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What are they and should I use one in my robot?


MRL on Mac Defualt Setting to Mega Boards

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So I finally got some activity with 2 Mega boards connected to my Mac. I have set defualts for the connection but I always seemed to be prompted for my COM ports when I run the Inmoov.py startup. I seem to have to reconnect each time.  I modified the service_6_ardunio & InMoov.config defualt. Shouldnt that take care of it ?

Would anyone know why I am getting this error ?

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Would anyone know why I am getting this error ?


13:30:11.042 [main] ERROR c.myrobotlab.framework.Service - runtime error could not create service python Python
13:30:11.044 [main] INFO  class org.myrobotlab.service.Runtime - attempting to invoke : python.execFile(./InMoov/InMoov.py )

I am running a package that apparently works on a Mac.  It seems like python can't run for some reason.

GUI issue

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I cant seem to spawn or right click on this GUI.  Trying to get an InMoov setup going on my MAC . So I see an Inmoov setup but I can spawn anything from this interface. Any suggestions ?

Problems with Mac Installation

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Hello, first time RML install on a Mac 10.14.6   Got all the prerequisites installed but when I try running the

start_inmoov.sh script all seems to go well but then the process jst hangs.  This is the last bit of the log file. It looks like its tryijng to spawn Python and its unsuccessfull.  Can someone help ?


Self-balancing vinMoov

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Now that the IK engine is working like I want. I can add more functionality to it.

I first start with a self-balancing positionning. So every time the vinMoov is ask to move a body part, the ik engine will adjust the rest of his body so the vinMoov can keep is balance (in theory, that will remain to see if it could work with a real inMoov) 

Reviewing IntegratedMovement service

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Some time ago, I had want to add legs to my test model (InMoov) in the IntegratedMovement (IM) service, but find out that something was lacking to work properly. By example, using the jMonkey simulator, when I make the right knee bent, it work fine and raise the foot. but if I also bent the left knee, it would raise the left foot and the robot will appear to be flying, wich is not even close of that will happen with the physical robot. So I need to find a way to make IM model act more in jMonkey to what a real robot will act. 

MyRobotLab news

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For the moment, i always use Manticore release.

When the Nixie release is finish, could you make a log file with all change ? with all commands changed.

Thank you very much.