I can't start InMoov

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I have problem with starting InMoov with MRL.

Some error occured:

I downloaded latest myrobotmab.jar

Installed it by: java -jar myrobotlab.jar --install

if I start "java -jar myrobotlab.jar" mrl is started normally.

But when I start "START_INMOOV.bat" some errors occure.

Full log from console is there:


What is wrong?

Can we help me, please?

Re purposing a hybrid battery

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Battery from Buick LaCross hybrid 2014.

Advanced 0.5 kWh 115 V lithium-ion battery, air cooled. The complete battery has a 3 phase inverter. So it changes 115 VDC to 3 phase to run a 15 hp motor for power assistance. There are 2 battery units (cells) in one hybrid battery. Each unit is around 55 volts (measured).

servicegui not found

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Hi fellows ... just playing around with myrobotlab, first steps !

when jumps the webgui ... 

One of the boxs it´wasn't supposed to be there .

looking for builders in south korea

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I will be in South Korea from end of september until mid of october for vacation. I would like zu meet builders for a chat. Has anybody a mail address for me?

How to fix IntegratedMovement service?

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I am a bit annoyed by the recent change that broke the Integrated Movement service. In the past I was always take great care to not break anything that may used shared code. My code was maybe clobbering or misplaced, but was not affecting anything else. Now part of the code I used have been modified or removed and IM service is not working anymore.

What I was doing:

Serial port issues.

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  A few days ago my InMove (Alex), got stu[pid on me.  He just stopped working pretty much and then would not complete initialization. Every time I started him up he would sound the alert that he was having issues with his serial ports. I have set his ports in the config file number 6 to be 3,4 and 5 with five being his neopixel port, and the other two his two Arduino Mega imbedded processors. 

click exit

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¿Dónde está esta salida?

Donde esta ?

Getting started with the nVidia Jetson Nano and MyRobotlab

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nVidia recently announced a whole line of system of a chip boards (similar to the raspi) that help showcase the nVidia GPU.  These boards are based on an ARM 64 bit CPU architecture and coupled with an nVidia GPU.  (The Nano has a 128 core maxwell GPU.)  It's got 4 GB of ram, and uses a standard microSD card for it's main system storage (by default.)