10 years ago

Heres some code Ive edited so I can speed up firing up arduino and servos- I've annotated it for where you put your own settings in. Hopefully helpful:)

#this will turn on arduino and servo services for diagnostics
from org.myrobotlab.service import Arduino
from org.myrobotlab.service import Servo
from org.myrobotlab.service import Runtime
from time import sleep
# create the services
#/set up your services-arduino and here are 3 services-delete or add as applicable
arduino = Runtime.createAndStart("arduino","Arduino")
pan = Runtime.createAndStart("pan","Servo")
tilt = Runtime.createAndStart("tilt","Servo")
yournamehere = Runtime.createAndStart("yournamehere","Servo")
# initialize arduino- change the value in "" for the computers name for the USB port
#your arduino is attached to
arduino.connect("/dev/ttyACM0", 57600, 8, 1, 0)
#/have a few beats rest to help the attaching process-not 100 percent if this is needed
# attach servos to pins on the Arduino - this method will actually attach em
pan.attach(arduino.getName(), 9)
tilt.attach(arduino.getName(), 10)
yournamehere.attach(arduino.getName(), 12)
# set safety limits - servos
# will not go beyond these limits-change for your own best results
#/starting position - un comment this when you have the
#settings you want your servos to be at when this script starts