Fun with an Arduino, or how I learned to love MRL...



Hey All! Well, I went and did it... I started playing with myrobotlab, and now I'm hooked. Thanks to the amazing work of GroG, and the wonderful tutorials of Alessandruino, I have successfully connected my PC to an Arduino, and my Arduino to two servos as a pan and tilt. Add one 1N4005 diode and a webcam and, Voila! Instant visual tracking! I'm so excited about this, and the things to come that I made a short video describing it. Enjoy:  

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Thanks Chris for posting a video of the pan/tilt. It nicely compliments Alessandriuno's tutorial. I've been slow with my pan/tilt. Thought I'd beat everyone but, my motors and cameras took longer than expected. Then Gaël started publishing more and I switched to printing. You got your hand going. Good!

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What camera did you use?

Great video!!! What camera did you use and does it fit Inmoov's eye?

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Pyton error

why is this error apears? do u have an Idea pls help me.

File string, line 2, in moduleAttributeError : org.myrobotlab.service.Tracking object has no Attribute setRestPosition.

this is the tracking code that i use:

tracker = Runtime.createAndStart("tracker", "Tracking")










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please help me !!!

Hello friends, please help me I am a student and I have a problem with this job, my servants does not answer the trace command!
what should i do
Thank U!
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Hello Cid and Welcome, Can

Hello Cid and Welcome,

Can you give us more information .. and perhaps send us a noWorky ?